Webcam Sex Safety Tips

Webcam Sex SafetyWebcam sex can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember that it’s all about fantasy and role playing. This is true for both yourself and any prospective partners you hookup with online. Cybersex can be a meaningful part of a healthy sex life, but it must never become a substitute for real world relationships or regular social interactions.

That being said, the most important aspect of cybersex security is your personal privacy and anonymity. Take some time and create an anonymous email account that you will use exclusively for your webcam sex interactions. Never use your real identity when signing up on a cam sex site, or when interacting with others. In essence, your cybersex persona needs to become an alter ego, a character you become that is separate from your real life identity.

And remember, anonymity has its benefits. Webcam sex is all about sexual exploration, about meeting sexy strangers and sharing your innermost fantasies. It’s about shedding your inhibitions and engaging in scenarios that have until now been locked away in your imagination. You’re in control. You call the shots. You set the limits. Yes, when it comes to online sex, it’s important to set personal boundaries and respect them. And most important of all, it's important for others to respect your limits as well.

The three most common forms of cybersex are text chat, voice chat and video chat. The safest form of cyber sex is text chatting. It’s easy to control what information you are sharing when you’re the one typing it. Text chatting can sooner or later evolve into picture sharing. Always remember that you’re playing with a total stranger, therefore never send pics showing features that could be used to identify you.

Voice chat is also very popular - in fact, many are now engaging in phone sex using Skype. Again, such interactions can be recorded - a fact you need to be aware of. The most common and popular form of cybersex is video chat.

Video chat presents a number of challenges. Not only must you be careful of not revealing your face or any other physical features that can identify you, but you must also be aware of any objects within your field of view such as posters on your wall or pictures on your dresser. Most people prefer to only reveal themselves from the neck down, while others are into masks and wigs. Don’t let anyone coerce you into showing your face or more than you’re comfortable doing within your personal comfort zone. Cybersex encounters are only fun when practiced by two consenting adults while respecting each others limits.

We really like the idea of masks and wigs. Webcam sex is all about adventure and fantasy. A nice wig and mask can certainly help foster a sense of sexual mystery that can take your encounter to the next level. Just make sure that your outfit covers enough of your face to hide your true identity.